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Hello, everyone!

I need to take a moment to thank you for the great response to my new novel “I’ll Kill Her for You”. On the first day, the book was a top 25 thriller on Amazon and some of you have been leaving reviews, and you know how much I LOVE getting reviews from you 🙂

Also, I wanted to let you know that “I’ll Kill Her for You” is going up in price Friday morning, October 21. If you haven’t downloaded your copy yet, do it NOW while it’s still less than a dollar!


Finally, a little note if you’re reading using PageFlip mode and reading through the Kindle Unlimited program.

When you are done, please go to the Table of Contents and click to the last chapter or otherwise navigate to the last page outside of PageFlip. This is so that authors like me can be credited with the pages you read. Because of a huge design flaw, it seems like if you don’t do this Amazon doesn’t realize you have read the pages and authors don’t get paid. I’m sorry to bring this nitty-gritty up but this new system is making publishing more difficult every day for authors.

Thank you again everyone. Know that I’m already hard at work on a new mystery thriller which has to be the most ambitious and exciting I’ve ever written 😉


I have a new book for you

I’ve been told that new books from me are like changing the clocks, it happens twice a year. Except that in my case it’s awesome and not a chore, right? 😉

It’s been five months and I do have a brand-new book available for you. I’m really excited about this one. I’ll Kill Her for You is a taut mystery suspense thriller with a hero who is a bit unconventional.

Instead of the self-assured badass, you’ll get to meet Lawson Winslow, a young billionaire who’s inherited his fortune and doesn’t even know how to change a lightbulb. Literally.

And he’s being framed for murder!


The killer is blackmailing him and the evidence quickly piles up against Lawson. It’s only a question of days until he’s arrested. How can he prove his innocence when even his own family doesn’t believe him?

There will be some twists. There will be some turns. There will be gasps in the house.

Get your Kindle copy here

Click here for the paperback

I really hope you enjoy and remember that reviews are VERY HELPFUL for authors so if you liked my book please consider writing a few words on Amazon!

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I'll Kill Her for You

I’ll Kill Her for You


Who frames you for murder when you have no enemies?

Billionaire playboy Lawson Winslow gets a bizarre text message as he walks into the annual family Christmas ball: “I’ll kill her for you.” He thinks it’s a prank but soon after the body of a woman is found upstairs.

Evidence puts Lawson at the scene of the crime. There’s a witness. And when the killer calls again, he wants Lawson to play a dangerous game of dares. If he doesn’t, incriminating phone records will be sent to the NYPD.

He’s ill-equipped to deal with this. He’s irresponsible, he’s never had to work a day in his life, but now he needs to prove his innocence and he doesn’t even know how.

After Lawson hires the disgraced but gorgeous federal agent Bailey Holloway to help him out of this mess, they will both need to navigate treacherous secrets before the blackmailer destroys his life and his family forever.

Check out the trailer:

My newest book has a cover – I’ll Kill Her for You

Hello, ladies and gents!

I’ve been debating whether to drag out the suspense or catch you offguard with a surprise announcement. Soooo I guess I did a bit of both with the dramatic rise of the curtain on my Facebook page. I know it looked cheesy, sorry.

So my new book is called “I’ll Kill Her for You” and it’s a mystery suspense. The paperback takes forever to go through the publishing process but once that’s done I can unleash the e-book upon the world.

When? With a good tailwind I would say by the weekend 🙂 I will make an announcement as soon as it’s live.

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I'll Kill Her for You

My new book’s on the way

Hello, everyone!

As per the subject line, my new book is on the way… soon. I have finished the first draft of my latest thriller. It starts as a mind-boggling mystery before building into a taut little thriller. I’m quite proud of it and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it tremendously as well.

I also wanted to blog today because The President Killed His Wife is on sale for $0.99 until Thursday night, September 8 (only on Amazon US and UK). If my numbers are correct, by now there are only three people in the world who haven’t read this novel yet, but I figured I would mention it just in case you hadn’t gotten around to it yet 🙂

You can get The President Killed His Wife by clicking here.

Savor the fall colors and temperatures, and I will contact you the minute my new book is available!


The President Killed His Wife

It’s all about the bacon

The Kennedy SecretGreetings, distinguished readers!

I told you the other day that I would blog again and so I am. I’m excited to announce that The Kennedy Secret has a new cover. I think it’s less generic and more exciting even if it gives away a part of the plot. Kinda. What do you think?

But even better, I’m now offering a free short story today to new subscribers!Bacon Wrapped Kidnapping

It’s called Bacon-Wrapped Kidnapping and it’s about this woman who gets kidnapped but thankfully she’s feisty, spunky, and knows a thing or two about bacon. It’s a fun little thriller not available anywhere else. Get it by joining my newsletter today and clicking here:

Hope you enjoy 🙂


Gorge yourself on F-R-E-E mysteries and thrillers

Hi, everyone!

I hope you’re having a wonderful summer so far. I definitely am although I’m not resting. “What ever are you doing then, Steve?” you ask with bated breath.

I’m working on a new novel of course!

That’s right, no sand between the toes for me. I’m in the midst of writing and it’s going to be, for lack of a better word, epic. I don’t have a release date but stay tuned!

Even better, in a a few days I’ll be making another announcement as well as a little something extra that I think you’re going to like. What? I’m not telling but you’ll like it, I’m sure.

And now for even more important news: there is a MAJOR giveaway going on right now thanks to the Self Publishing Round Table. Not only can you win oodles of Amazon gift cards but you get access to dozens of free mystery, thriller, and suspense books. Interested?

Go to this link now because this is only going on July 27-29, 2016:

Self Publishing Round Table giveaway

Enjoy and we’ll speak again in a few days!


A facelift for Terror Bounty

There are hard decisions in life. Choosing the right spouse, picking out the right school, original Doritos or cool ranch. Sometimes your heart weeps.

I had to make such a gut-wrenching choice this week. I absolutely adored my cover for Terror Bounty. It was to the point where I was writing love letters to it. We were talking about eloping together.

However, after an intervention by friends of mine I had to face the facts: the cover didn’t do justice to this fast-paced espionage thriller. Same with the description.

So I went back to the drawing board and came up with this. I think it’s much more on point and it looks pretty snazzy, if I may say so myself.

Terror Bounty

Terror Bounty


Every time Rick Travis applies to the FBI Academy, he’s rejected. He just wants one chance to prove himself, to show that he’s not a complete failure.

And that chance might be doing the stupidest thing possible. International terrorist Willis Greenwood has just bombed a bank in New York City and now there’s a $4 million bounty on his head.

Rick would go pretty far for $4 million. Proving his worth and putting a dangerous man behind bars? Just icing on the cake. But when he travels to Europe, his whole plan unravels. Soon he’s mixed up with Russian mobsters, ruthless arms dealers, and government agents.

The only person who can help him is the mysterious Olivia. She’s a beautiful, capable criminal and Rick is certain she wants to steal the reward for herself. But before they collect, they’ll need to stay alive.

And they will need to stop Greenwood before he unleashes his most devastating terrorist attack yet…

My latest thriller is now available

Hello everyone,

I hope the summer is starting out well in your neck of the words. Hopefully what I have to say next will make it even better.

My new novel, Terror Bounty, is now available on Amazon!

The book focuses on chronic underachiever Rick Travis who decides that his life needs a drastic change. How drastic? He decides to track down Willis Greenwood, the world’s most wanted man, after a terrorist attack in New York. There’s $4 million on the line and Rick wants it BAD.

Only that means he needs to make some tough decisions such as trusting Olivia. She’s an arms dealer in Europe and the last thing he wants is to put his life in her hands, but she may be his only chance to reach his goal.

And while this is going on, Willis Greenwood is planning his most important attack yet…

The action thriller is set in the same world as my Rogan Bricks novels and FBI man Vanstedum has a big role to play. You’ll encounter other familiar characters too. I’m really excited about this book, the ending is a breathless sequence that I had a blast to write. It’s launching at only $2.99 for a few days.

Terror Bounty - available

Get it now by clicking here before the price goes up!

Thanks, enjoy the boos, and as always reviews very much appreciated!


Imagine Rogan Bricks in 1869

The Gilded Treachery new cover

If you’ve been following me on Facebook (and you should, naturally) you already know two things:

1. I finished my latest novel! No, Rogan Bricks isn’t front and center though several characters from this universe are. The book is still in the editing/proofreading/chicken sacrificing stage but it will be published by late June.

2. The Gilded Treachery has a brand-new cover, has been reworked, and there’s a second edition paperback to boot! I’m unspeakably excited about all of it.

Why? Because I feel The Gilded Treachery is one of those undiscovered gems. It’s the second book I ever published (coming up on five years in a couple of weeks) and I did an awful job of marketing it. *bows head in shame* So now I wish people could enjoy it.

When I came up with the concept I thought, “What if a James Bond story took place in the 19th century?” So I did it. Action, mystery, conspiracies, humor, tough guys, beautiful women, the type of books I usually write but as a western, and it’s even based on true events.

To put it another terms, it’s like Rogan Bricks in 1869!

So to make sure that you get a chance to read The Gilded Treachery and hopefully leave a review (please please please!) the novel is only $0.99 on Amazon until Monday May 16. Enjoy 🙂


The Gilded Treachery

The Gilded Treachery

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Zeke Harland is a Civil War vet summoned by former President Johnson. He’s hired to rescue a young woman who may have been kidnapped for being involved in state secrets.

Meanwhile, Mary Hollister searches for her husband who has gone missing. Could it be no one wants the man to be found?

The connection between the two mysteries leads to a railroad conspiracy that could change the very fate of the United States…