Music to write by #132

The Fast and The Furious – Theme

Two Steps From Hell – STARFALL

Deadliest Catch – Sea Theme – Northwestern-Maverick Theme

Music to write by #131

Vitamin String Quartet – My Immortal

Audiomachine – Damnation

Anna and the King – Letter of the Week

Music to write by #130

Assassination Of Jesse James – Legend Of Jesse James

Cliffhanger – Main Theme

The Cider House Rules – Main Title

Music to write by #129

The American President – The First Kiss

Audiomachine – Battle of Actium

Backdraft – Fighting 17th

Music to write by #128

Chariots of Fire Theme

Balmorhea – March 4, 1831

Armageddon – Leaving

Music to write by #127

Apollo 13 – Main Title

Audiomachine – Anxious Heart

Can’t Buy Me Love – Extended Soundtrack

Music to write by #126

Twilight – Bella’s Lullaby (Remix)

Two Steps From Hell – Road To Revelation

The West Wing Theme

Music to write by #125

Thor – Can You See Jane?

Audiomachine – Command and Conquer

Titanic – Hymn To The Sea

Music to write by #124 – Merry Christmas!

White Christmas

I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Two Steps From Hell – Perchance to Dream

Music to write by #123

The Rock – Rocket Away

Audiomachine – City Life

Top Gun – Memories


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