Music to write by #152

Tron Legacy – Daft Punk – Outlands

Transformers – Bumblebee Captured

Shrek – True Love’s First Kiss

Music to write by #151

Titanic – A Life So Changed

Spirit – The Long Road Back

Terminator Salvation – Salvation

Music to write by #150 – Merry Christmas!

Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Christmas Canon

Classical Christmas Medley

Hark The Herald Angels Sing

Music to write by #149

The Saint – Searching the Apartment

The Rock – Mason’s Walk – First Launch

The Chronicles of Narnia – The Battle

Music to write by #148

Tron Legacy – Daft Punk – Fall

Thelma & Louise – Suite

Titanic – An Ocean Of Memories

Music to write by #147

Transformers 3 – Sentinel Prime

Heat – God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters

Audiomachine – Letting Go

Music to write by #146

Band Of Brothers – The Mission Begins

Braveheart – For The Love Of A Princess

Dragon Heart – Draco


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