Music to write by #174

Jorge Quintero – A Thousand Revelations

Pirates of the Caribbean – Bootstrap’s Bootstraps

Life is Beautiful – Buon Giorno Principessa

Music to write by #173

Legends Of The Fall – The Wedding

Oblivion – Raven Rock

Last of the Mohicans – The Glade Part II

Music to write by #172

Pirates of the Caribbean 3 – Parlay

Miami Vice – Stone’s War

Lawrence of Arabia – Main Theme

Music to write by #171

Love Actually – Portugese Love Theme

Oblivion – Fearful Odds

Legends Of The Fall – Alfred, Tristan, The Colonel, The Legend

Music to write by #170

Pirates of The Caribbean – The Black Pearl

Carmina Burana – O Fortuna

John Rambo – The Village

Music to write by #169

Patton – Main Title

Oblivion – Earth 2077

Patch Adams – Hello

Music to write by #168

Remember the Titans – Theme

Pirates of the Caribbean 3 – What Shall We Die For

Pearl Harbor – Attack


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