First Thrill now published

My new thriller “First Thrill” has been released into the wild!

What is it about? A secret agent on his first mission teams up with a beautiful reporter after stumbling upon a conspiracy involving South American rebels, a stolen military prototype, and a ruthless Canadian spy.

It’s a big book and something happens on every page. Action, discovery, wisecracks, more action. This is definitely not a hurry up and wait kind of novel, let me tell you.

As I mentioned in my other message several weeks back, this is something I wrote in 2001. I reworked it, polishing it to a fine sheen. It’s a little different since it takes place in before 9/11 and the main character is a young Canadian intelligence officer on his first mission. I thought this was rather neat because there isn’t a lot out there like this.

Still less than a dollar and available on Amazon Kindle and paperback. Click/tap here now!

First Thrill now available

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