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There are things I always wanted to check off my bucket list. Bungee jumping off Kilimanjaro, running of the bulls in Spain, playing water polo at the base of Niagara Falls, surrounded by hungry piranhas. You know, the usual. But there is one other item that always eluded me. Until now.

The book preorder.

But I’ve done it. I conquered the mighty beast! That’s right, my new novel “First Thrill” is up for preorder. That means that you can follow this link at the bottom, get the novel today, and on April 13 it will be delivered to your favorite Kindle reading device.

This thriller is something I wrote some years back. It kind of faded from my memory until I dusted it off recently and chiseled it into shape again. It’s a little different since it takes place in 2001 and the main character is a young Canadian intelligence officer on his first mission. I thought this was rather neat because there isn’t a lot out there like this.

But what you get with “First Thrill” is the same fast-paced action and adventure you find in my other novels. It has wisecracks, suspense, and international intrigue.

If you hit the preorder button now, it’s $0.99. CLICK HERE before it’s too late.

First Thrill preorder

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