Imagine Rogan Bricks in 1869

The Gilded Treachery new cover

If you’ve been following me on Facebook (and you should, naturally) you already know two things:

1. I finished my latest novel! No, Rogan Bricks isn’t front and center though several characters from this universe are. The book is still in the editing/proofreading/chicken sacrificing stage but it will be published by late June.

2. The Gilded Treachery has a brand-new cover, has been reworked, and there’s a second edition paperback to boot! I’m unspeakably excited about all of it.

Why? Because I feel The Gilded Treachery is one of those undiscovered gems. It’s the second book I ever published (coming up on five years in a couple of weeks) and I did an awful job of marketing it. *bows head in shame* So now I wish people could enjoy it.

When I came up with the concept I thought, “What if a James Bond story took place in the 19th century?” So I did it. Action, mystery, conspiracies, humor, tough guys, beautiful women, the type of books I usually write but as a western, and it’s even based on true events.

To put it another terms, it’s like Rogan Bricks in 1869!

So to make sure that you get a chance to read The Gilded Treachery and hopefully leave a review (please please please!) the novel is only $0.99 on Amazon until Monday May 16. Enjoy 🙂


The Gilded Treachery

The Gilded Treachery

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Zeke Harland is a Civil War vet summoned by former President Johnson. He’s hired to rescue a young woman who may have been kidnapped for being involved in state secrets.

Meanwhile, Mary Hollister searches for her husband who has gone missing. Could it be no one wants the man to be found?

The connection between the two mysteries leads to a railroad conspiracy that could change the very fate of the United States…

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