Business, Pleasure and Murder

written by Steve Richer as Chris Veeter

      Sex can kill you faster than a bullet to the brain, especially if you’re paying for it

Did you know that hundreds of American businessmen travel to Montreal every week for the sole purpose of meeting with young escorts? They’re cheaper, less restrictive, and the cops turn a blind eye.

Layton Chalke is one such American executive who goes to the Canadian city to mix business with pleasure. But on the first night, a prostitute he has seen is brutally murdered and he’s the number one suspect.

Stranded in a foreign country, he will have to prove his innocence before an important business transaction involving a powerful billionaire threatens to bring everything crashing down…

Business, Pleasure & Murder (31,000 words) is a mystery thriller novella that blends steamy encounters and blood-pumping suspense as it provides a controversial look into the world of high-class prostitution.

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