Jack Q. Stowe Stories

Here are stories I’ve written under the pen name Jack Q. Stowe.

Bacon Wrapped Kidnapping: Recipe for Murder

Ramona Hustak is a big girl with a big love for bacon and in Springfield she’s considered the undisputed queen of bacon. She even has her own shop catering to this delicacy called Fat Chicks Love Bacon. So when a White House employee wants to hire her for an event honoring the First Lady she knows she’s about to hit the big time.

And then she gets kidnapped!

Why would something so cruel happen to her? Who’s behind it? And why?

Most importantly, how can she use her knowledge of bacon to save her life?

Bacon Wrapped Kidnapping: Recipe for Murder (short story, 7,500 words) is a breezy and fun thriller which will leave you breathless… and hungry!

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