The Apprentice Spy

written by Steve Richer as Chris Veeter

He’s not refined enough for martinis. He drives a second-hand Geo. And he’s no ladies man. But he’s still been chosen to save the world.

The Apprentice Spy

Jeff Riley is a language specialist at the Communications Security Establishment, Canada’s most secretive intelligence agency. Sent to Europe to help the French government on a domestic matter, Jeff soon finds himself tracking international criminals. A stolen prototype and its upcoming sale propel the young CSE officer on a wild ride across three continents.

Environmental extremists, South American revolutionaries, mercenaries, and good old-fashioned greedmeisters are all along for the journey.

The Apprentice Spy is a thoroughly well-researched, action-oriented joyride through the inner workings of the intelligence community. It’s a fast-paced adventure and reads easily at 85,000 words.

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