The Gilded Treachery

A young woman is kidnapped

A Civil War veteran is hired to deliver justice
A housewife is searching for her missing husband
What no one expected was the involvement of the richest men in the world…

Zeke Harland is a wounded Civil War vet who chose to fight for the Confederacy, not because of his ideals but simply to spite his father, a Union general. He is summoned by former president Andrew Johnson to rescue the mysterious Chastity Parsons who may have been kidnapped for being involved in state secrets.

Meanwhile, Mary Hollister searches for her husband who has gone missing. Being an Irish immigrant, no one is offering assistance. Or could it be no one wants the man to be found?

As Zeke scours the country with his teenage brother-in-law, they stumble upon a railroad conspiracy that could change the fate of the United States. From New Orleans to Atlanta and New York, they dodge murder attempts while seeking the truth.

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