The Kennedy Secret

The Kennedy Secret coverAn assassin who betrays his master
A con man running for his life
The most fascinating family in American history…

“I’d rank Steve’s writing up there with some of the best thriller
authors today. It was interesting, thrilling and a fun read.”
Cari’s Bitch’n Book Reviews

“It was  funny, complex and very entertaining.  Once I was drawn into the world of assassins, presidents, and corruption I could not put it down.”
Ms. Tiptres, PassionReads

“It’s a wonderfully complex story line that has all sorts of twists and surprises. On top of that, there are some characters that I really grew to care about.”
Michelle Vasquez, Life in Review

Government hitman Donovan Flood is looking forward to retirement after a last assignment. But it never is as easy as it seems and he soon finds himself involved in tying up loose ends following the assassination of a man with secrets, Robert Kennedy. Flood and his partner have to unravel the mystery of who really wanted Kennedy dead. And why.

They must race against the clock and their quest leads them to Vegas mobsters, to powerful politicians, and KGB agents. When their journey takes them into the jungles of Bolivia, nobody knows what to expect… or if they can even make it out alive.

This meticulously-researched thriller clocks in at 102,000 words/430 pages.

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