My latest thriller is now available

Hello everyone,

I hope the summer is starting out well in your neck of the words. Hopefully what I have to say next will make it even better.

My new novel, Terror Bounty, is now available on Amazon!

The book focuses on chronic underachiever Rick Travis who decides that his life needs a drastic change. How drastic? He decides to track down Willis Greenwood, the world’s most wanted man, after a terrorist attack in New York. There’s $4 million on the line and Rick wants it BAD.

Only that means he needs to make some tough decisions such as trusting Olivia. She’s an arms dealer in Europe and the last thing he wants is to put his life in her hands, but she may be his only chance to reach his goal.

And while this is going on, Willis Greenwood is planning his most important attack yet…

The action thriller is set in the same world as my Rogan Bricks novels and FBI man Vanstedum has a big role to play. You’ll encounter other familiar characters too. I’m really excited about this book, the ending is a breathless sequence that I had a blast to write. It’s launching at only $2.99 for a few days.

Terror Bounty - available

Get it now by clicking here before the price goes up!

Thanks, enjoy the boos, and as always reviews very much appreciated!


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