My new book’s on the way

Hello, everyone!

As per the subject line, my new book is on the way… soon. I have finished the first draft of my latest thriller. It starts as a mind-boggling mystery before building into a taut little thriller. I’m quite proud of it and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it tremendously as well.

I also wanted to blog today because The President Killed His Wife is on sale for $0.99 until Thursday night, September 8 (only on Amazon US and UK). If my numbers are correct, by now there are only three people in the world who haven’t read this novel yet, but I figured I would mention it just in case you hadn’t gotten around to it yet 🙂

You can get The President Killed His Wife by clicking here.

Savor the fall colors and temperatures, and I will contact you the minute my new book is available!


The President Killed His Wife

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