Oodles of cheap books #mystery #thriller #99cents

Hi, everyone!

I hope you didn’t miss the deal on my new suspense thriller “I’ll Kill Her for You” the other day. It’s been a great success and I thank you greatly.

I have three things to announce today.


One, I’m hard at work on a new mystery novel that is absolutely INSANE. I’m so excited about it, you have no idea. Stay tuned for more formal news about it.

Two, my action thriller “Never Bloodless” is currently on sale at $0.99, only on Amazon US and UK and only until the night of November 13. Get your copy today by clicking here!

Three, it so happens my book isn’t the only one discounted. I’m part of a special promotion and if you follow this link you’ll get more than 50 great mysteries and thrillers: http://reneepawlish.com/promo/


Happy reading!


2 thoughts on “Oodles of cheap books #mystery #thriller #99cents

    • Steve Richer says:

      Muuuhaha, my plan to build readership is WORKING!

      My newsletter is the best way to never miss any news, just sayin’ 😉

      Otherwise, drop by on December 26 for another similar announcement.

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