Rogan Bricks gets sweet new branding

I’ve been writing up a storm this week and I’m working on a brand-new thriller which I’m confident will be ready for the beginning of the summer, just in time for beach reading.

While doing this, I also fiddled with a pet project, rebranding my Rogan Bricks novels. I’m not the greatest cover designer in the world but I enjoy doing it, it’s my pastime. It was therefore fortunate that I was able to mix business with pleasure.

You see, the first thing you learn in Thriller Publishing 101 (which sadly isn’t a real thing) is that a series should be cohesive, have a visual cue that links all the books. I failed miserably at that. I love my Rogan Bricks covers but there was no way to tell The President Killed His Wife and Counterblow were part of the same series.

Until today.

Without redoing the covers entirely, I found a way to identify them and I quite like how it turned out!

New Rogan brand display - web

Click for larger size

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