Sprucing up Park Avenue Blackmail

I have two very important announcements today.

First, as you’re probably aware by now, my novel “I’ll Kill Her for You” had a facelift and is now titled “Park Avenue Blackmail“. It’s the same story as before but with a spiffy new cover, so I decided to pull out my promo-fu skills.

If you don’t have this mystery thriller already featuring an irresponsible billionaire racing against time to find out who framed him, now is the time. The book is available for less than a dollar until June 23, only on Amazon US and UK.


The second announcement is that the third Rogan Bricks adventure, Murder Island, is still available for pre-order.

Don’t miss your chance to get this exciting novel at a low price. Imagine the classic movie Die Hard on a small Caribbean island… but with twists and secrets!


All about Park Avenue Blackmail

First things first, a third Rogan Bricks novel is on the way. I’m remaining tightlipped about the title, cover, and story for now. I will only say that it’s about a guy and stuff happens.

You want more details? People die. And then MORE stuff happens. Satisfied? Intrigued? Good. I’ll keep you posted, I promise 😉

And now for the reason we’re all here, aside from the muffins…

You see this cover below? It’s not a new book. It’s a new cover and title for “I’ll Kill Her for You“.

I was never satisfied with it. It started out being called “Park Avenue Blackmail” but I chickened out before releasing it, thinking that “I’ll Kill Her for You” would make me rich and famous. It didn’t. Shocker, right?

So here is the new version. Rest assured that nothing else has changed about the book. If you already have your copy, don’t get it.

If you really, really need it, GO HERE

We shall speak again soon!


Park Avenue Blackmail cover