Music to write by #146

Band Of Brothers – The Mission Begins

Braveheart – For The Love Of A Princess

Dragon Heart – Draco

Music to write by #145

Battle Los Angeles – Abandoning Los Angeles

Audiomachine – Massacre

Gladiator – Slaves To Rome

Music to write by #144

Jay-Z & Kanye West – No Church In The Wild (Instrumental)

Miami Vice – Crockett’s Theme

John Rambo – Aftermath

Music to write by #143

Ip Man 2 – Getting Together, Breaking Up

Audiomachine – Men Of Valor

Indiana Jones – Theme

Music to write by #142

Heat – Ultramarine

How To Train Your Dragon – Forbidden Friendship

Independence Day – We Came In Peace

Music to write by #141

Armageddon – 5 Words

DragonHeart – Wonders Of An Ancient Glory

Audiomachine – Nordica

Music to write by #140

Crimson Tide – 1SQ

The General’s Daughter – Footprints

Gladiator – Earth


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