The Kennedy Secret has a new cover

What do you think?

Making covers is what I do to relax so don’t worry, it’s not eating into my writing time!

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The Kennedy Secret

The Kennedy Secret

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Is it an assassination or a treasure hunt?

Gruff and exhausted from a career as a government hitman, Donovan Flood only has one last assignment before being allowed to retire. He needs to kill con man Mike Beecher although he doesn’t know why.

As it turns out, Beecher unwittingly played a role in the assassination of Robert Kennedy.

Knowing that something doesn’t add up, the two men team up to get to the truth as they are chased by mysterious assassins. They must race against the clock and their quest leads them to Vegas mobsters, powerful politicians, and KGB agents.

When their journey takes them into the jungles of Bolivia, nobody knows what to expect… or if they can even make it out alive.