New cover for The President Killed His Wife

As much as I loved the cover, it’s been bothering me for a while, something wasn’t right. So I finally managed to get some time to work on a new version. Same concept but cleaner. What do you think?

It should be in paperback as well within days.

The President Killed His Wife

The President Killed His Wife

In The Series

The President has killed his wife… on live TV, during the State of the Union address!

FBI agent Rogan Bricks is a recluse with a murky past. Just an ex-soldier happy to be low-profile. While he’s shocked watching from his mansion in Alaska, he’s not particularly distressed. He’s never cared about politics anyway.

But everything changes when he’s personally summoned to Washington to lead the investigation.

Why him? Why is his life suddenly in danger from assassins? And why is everything starting to point toward a conspiracy?

My new book’s on the way

Hello, everyone!

As per the subject line, my new book is on the way… soon. I have finished the first draft of my latest thriller. It starts as a mind-boggling mystery before building into a taut little thriller. I’m quite proud of it and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it tremendously as well.

I also wanted to blog today because The President Killed His Wife is on sale for $0.99 until Thursday night, September 8 (only on Amazon US and UK). If my numbers are correct, by now there are only three people in the world who haven’t read this novel yet, but I figured I would mention it just in case you hadn’t gotten around to it yet 🙂

You can get The President Killed His Wife by clicking here.

Savor the fall colors and temperatures, and I will contact you the minute my new book is available!


The President Killed His Wife