“The Pope’s Suicide” now available

Happy New Year, everyone!

And how do we start the new year in my neck of the woods? By releasing a new mystery thriller, of course! It’s how my people have done it for the last 7,000 years, family tradition.

The Pope’s Suicide” might be my most complex novel yet. I mean, WHO WOULDN’T enjoy a gruff NYPD detective with a family falling apart, a gorgeous former nun now NYPD officer, a teenage girl taking a walk on the wild side, an idealistic Irish priest learning how the Vatican really works…

Oh, and did I mention that it starts with the Pope being found dead from suicide?!?

Suspects pile up, clues everywhere, international politics getting in the way, assassins show up to take care of business, it’s that kind of book, people.

Mystery, twists, surprises, family ties, moral ambiguity, it’s all there for your reading pleasure. The book is available now half its regular price. Get it today and please consider leaving a review if you enjoyed it 🙂

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The Pope's Suicide

The Pope’s Suicide

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The Pope is dead. It isn’t old age or a disease. He is found hanging in a bathroom while on an official visit to New York City.

All signs point to a suicide and NYPD detective Donnie Beecher is put in charge of the investigation. It’s the last assignment he wants. Because of his tragic past, he has no love for the Catholic Church. His marriage is falling apart, his teenage daughter is getting mixed up with the bad crowd.

But soon clues start piling up. What if the Pope was assassinated?

In Vatican City, young and idealistic Father O’Dwyer is beginning to wonder the same thing. Why are the cardinals around him so secretive? Why do they keep whispering about the mysterious San Marino letter?

With his superiors breathing down his neck for a swift resolution, Beecher teams up with Officer Emma Aldridge, a former nun. Failure means not just an end to his career but a shift of power in international relations which could lead to war. Together, they will need to find out what really happened to the Pope.

…and try not to get killed in the process.

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  1. Hosting says:

    There are several threads running through the story relating to the death of the Pope and the personal and family life of the investigating officer. Quite a rideWith characters you’ll become attached to and others you’ll wish would drop off the face of the earth, I really enjoyed this book.

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