Things to come in 2018

Believe it or not, I have heard you, dear readers.

Going by sheer numbers, reviews, and the 18th-century Himalayan tea leaves I frequently consult, you don’t particularly enjoy my smaller-scale mysteries. As much fun as I had writing them, books like “Park Avenue Blackmail” and “Innocent Games” are not keeping me knee-deep in Cocoa Puffs and top-shelf liquor. What you want are globetrotting thrillers with kickass characters.

Here’s a glimpse of what 2018 has in store for me – and, by the same token, for you.

2018 preview

In January, I will release a boxed set of older spy thrillers. This will be your chance to get three books in one, if you haven’t snatched them up before. And, of course, it will launch at a discounted price to thank you for supporting me.

And then we get down to serious business!

Starting in March, I will debut a brand-new series which has me excited like a Victorian schoolgirl. I don’t want to reveal too much about it, but this new character, well, she’s captivating. She’s an international spy who does what others can’t. Major action sequences, twists, laughs, an endearing support team, and the fate of the world in the balance. Her name alone is awesome, so awesome in fact that I don’t want to reveal it just now. Intrigued?

Stay tuned…

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