You only have a few days…

The last few months has been insanely busy with writing and planning and writing again. I also reworked my website so it’s more streamlined. What do you think? Nifty, right?Less than a dollar for a limited time!

And now for the most awesome news: my book Sigma Division, which also has a spiffy new look and is available in paperback, is available for less than a buck until Sunday!

Grab your copy now before it’s too late and if you like it I would LOVE a review from you.

Thanks and until next time!


Sigma Division

Sigma Division


Sigma Division is a branch of the CIA tasked with safeguarding the government’s most important secrets.

And now there’s a leak.

Gene Spicer is a former assassin struggling to put the past behind him. He thought being reassigned to Sigma Division would be a fresh start, that it would mean he wouldn’t have to kill any longer. He thought wrong.

A routine investigation into the government whistleblower leads him to a secret that could cost him his life. Sigma Division has secrets of its own and people are willing to kill for them.

Picking up his gun and shooting traitors in the head – the one thing Spicer doesn’t want to do anymore – might be the only way to save the very existence of democracy. And the clock is ticking…


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